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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I received a post card in the mail and I don’t know what it means to be ranking at a certain number.

A. Your ranking number was determined by your income and family size only.


Q. When filling out an application for a foster child or a child I have guardianship over, do I use my income or the child’s income?

A. If this is a foster child or one you have guardianship over, please use their income only.


Q. Does my status change over the days, months, or years?

A. No, status remains the same unless your income or family size changes.



We Care About Children and Families

Child Care Subsidy Eligibility/Waiting List

How do I apply for the Eligibility/Waiting List?

Applicants may visit any one of FRRC’s offices and request the form or click on the link below to download the application. If you would like to have an application mailed to you or to inquire about the status of your current application, please call (209) 461-2944 or 948-1553. After the form is received, your name will be entered on a master list. When funds become available, FRRC will contact the families who are eligible for child care assistance.


The Child Care Eligibility List Application

is currently available in the following languages:

If you would like to apply online for the Subsidized Child Care Eligibility List, click here.


How long will it take to get help?

FRRC staff is unable to determine how long it will take for funds to be available for any of our programs.


What qualifies a family for eligibility?

Our subsidized programs are based on income and need of the family for child care. The lowest income and child care need is given priority over the highest income and child care need. Therefore, the master list may change daily in conjunction with changes in income and/or family need.


What are the applicant’s responsibilities?

Applicants need to report any changes to their application by contacting the FRRC office if a hard copy was submitted. If you applied online, you may sign in under your own user name and password and change your information.


Where does the money come from?

Funding for subsidized child care comes from Federal, State, and County agencies. Phone calls and letters to your legislators establishing your need for assistance with child care will help them become aware of the problems that families are facing every day. We urge you to write to your Congressman, Senator, and Assembly members in regards to your situation. Click on the link below to find the names and mailing addresses of your local government representatives:


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